15 January 2009


b4 going to class

yeay da sampai sini.
curik mase sket nk update blog ni,jap lg nak balik uma masak plak.a little bit about germany,
kat sini sejuk sgt,kene pkai baju tebal2.last weekend ade g uma senior and they cooked a special meal for us,huhu.my house is very lovely,at last i have a room all to myself.kesten´s room is upstairs, so is the kitchen.toilet is just next to my room.

umah kat holweide

travelling around here is very simply,just hop on a train and it will take me all around,hehe.i just bought a handphone, which cost me quite a lot.classes already started,only german class though.cant wait to start physics class in german!

classmates playing around,huhu

the best thing is,when we reach here, there´s still snow on the streets and roof and it look super cool.we even managed to play snowball with the seniors,hehe :)

belakang uma fadhilah,q and lisa kat stommeler strasse

kami dan kasut baru kami ;)