10 August 2009


i have finished :
  • my damn-this-is-so boring practical training.
  • packing half of my stuff and even brought them to Bingen.
  • reading the 756 pages Breaking Dawn.
  • deciding whether i'm going back this Aidilfitri. And the answer is, devastatingly not.
its half past twelve.i just felt like blogging but i seriously does not have any idea what to babble about.but here's something.

i went to a bbq gathering in Bingen with Kesten on sunday, crash one of the senior place and come back to Cologne monday afternoon. the food were really good and we played a few games until almost midnight. i even had jaw ache due to excessive laughing. hahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahaha

one more thing to add, most of the seniors already owned a SLR camera, which i really wanted since a long time ago. that fact made me extremely eager to buy one for myself. my biggest setback now is my financial condition. (stop saying i have more money because i'm a TM scholar, ever heard of saving for the future? *_* )

actually i was also really hoping to have a peek at my new place but the landlord wasn't around.
right now i have to go get ready because there's another bbq in Gelsenkirchen. See you guys next time then ;)

i took this from FB.pardon the blurriness.