27 March 2009

vote earth

i've seen this ad quite a few times actually, but not until just now only i have the interest of checking it out ( thanks to rose ). why dont u guys do the same too :) click the ad and the video too


i've had a tough week, physics test was unmotivational, the weather doesnt seem to be merciful on the sick me either, at the end, i spent almost half of my weekdays watching Heroes and i felt pitiful of myself. i should have done something more 'berfaedah' instead. now i'm at a friend's house and planing to help her bake a cake later. at least that's something to be done.


  • digital camera

  • backpack

  • sneakers

  • microwave?!

15 March 2009


Go to your photos folder in your computer. Go to the 6th folder of photos. Go to the 6th picture in that folder. Put the picture on your blog and a description of it. Invite six friends to join the challenge. Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged!

this was at menara TM in bangsar, if i'm not mistaken it was the Jamuan Aidilfitri held by our sponsor. I managed to know few of the ytm-seniors in Taylors but unfortunately i cant really recall their names,haha,sorry for that. The two guys on the right are my own senior in KBU, azizul and haniff. They are now in Hannover, Germany. The lady with the green baju kurung is Puan Rohana, whom i cherish so much because she's the one who deposit monthly allowance to my almost empty accounts,hehe.

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06 March 2009

Newtonsche Gesetzt

We just had three straight days of physics class this past week, and God, how intense that is. we were supposed to have yet another class tomorow morning, but (fortunately :P ) it got cancelled. the last topic that Herr Ali ( he's the physics lecturer ) touched on was the Newton's Law. and it somehow made me remember my good old times in selandar ; i was in 4 and 5 newton, the pure science stream class that is.

Just so that u know, my first high school is
SMK Aminuddin Baki ( that's where i knew the meaning cinta monyet). then i decided to moved away, just anywhere far from home, to test myself actually, whether i'm capable of taking care of myself or not. talk about independent, haha. fews month passed, i came to SBP Integrasi Selandar on 1march 2005, got myself into class that very same day. i was one of the 2nd Intake students, which most of them came from KL or Negeri Sembilan.

First month was tough, eventough i used to stay in hostel in SMKAB, but SBPIS was quite different, far from what i've expected. with the all the rules, cliche and even tradition, it made my head banged.the next months and year were okay, i did a lot of things back then :
  • wearing yellow instead of white : secretary of prefectorial board
  • changing the background of Petronas Board almost every single week : secretary of Petronas House
  • made 130++ colourfull card by myself : someone in the PRS Board
  • ate 3 birthday cakes in a week
  • regularly sending cards to my back-then-bf
  • watch bukit kepong with a bunch of juniors instead of going for Prep Malam
  • gotong-royong every sunday with huge enthusiasm (just like everyone else kan )
  • sneaking in handphone just right before the SPM month
  • tutoring physics for some friends (that was fun :] )
  • cat-fighting in PETIMA *_*
  • almost get caught by the warden and pak guard because of climbing up the tangki ( i didnt do it at all actually, but my friends did, and they were busted ON SPOT!! )
  • merempit for the first (hopefully the last ) time in my life, thanks to nor fadhilah,huhu

i want to do this again and again :)

i just love biology classes, the teacher was nice and the exams weren't that hard for me. when it was SPM, i picked up my bio notes almost every night before sleep. i promised myself that one day i would be a biology teacher, my bestie encouraged me to do so too.but now, i end up in germany going to study Electrical Engineering next august. how ironic is that?

my bestie and me, right after picking up our SPM results
we looked satisfied, didn't we?