30 January 2011


I have never been a person who is close to my family members. I love them truly, but it is just the way I am. I'm much to myself and even now, when I am missing them really really badly, I prefer to be away from them, so that I know that I can handle myself.

My exams are starting next week. And I know I need to focus, but what I can do when every night I end up dreaming about them and waking up with tears down my cheeks? Its not nightmares, far away from that, instead I dreamt spending time with them like I used to. But it still breaks my heart for being away.

I know that a single phone call could do, but I wont. I am stubborn like that. I am independent like that.

Deqya, Ayin, I know you guys are maybe reading this, aku okay je. Cakap kat mak abah aku rindu.

11 January 2011

05 January 2011


I know I'm late, but still. Better late than sorry.

Happy New Year! May the future bring us more humility than ever before.

Well, last year was something. Lots of deep thoughts and spontaneous but rather stupid act. But lets not dwell too much on the past. Take the good ones, improve the bad ones, and fight for the better.

I have a few things on my mind right now, surely every one has at this early times of the year. I just hope it will all roll out fine. Fingers crossed and prayers said.

Also, I'm really sorry for abandoning this blog of mine for quite some time. I'm not such a good blogger am I? I do have my reasons and I hope everyone understood.
I've thinking of directing this blog to another way but have not planned it thoroughly yet. I'll let you know when I did. And if any of you reader found me in FB please let me know so I can accept the friend request. You can never be too careful, can you.

On other stuff, my sweet Sister is now heavily pregnant and due next month! Can you believe that? I really wished I could be at home with family but my exam is coming right at the same time too. Total bummer! Say some prayer for her will you?

That's about it, for right now. Write to you later!