27 July 2010

Level Zero

Peace upon my readers,
I just did an all-nighter, but without the studying part. I know, its lame. I've set my mind to finish up two chapter ( at least ) for last night but all I could managed was like 10 pages? I will be in a really big trouble if I keep doing this. Exams Baby! How could you not feeling it!

I just could not contain my jealousy of others. By which I mean of their holidays. Almost all of my friends are out and about ( in Malaysia ) enjoying summer breeze whilst I'm stuck at home with notes and books and to-be-done-exercise and other explicitly boring but yet importantly educational stuff.

Here's my exam schedule and a few random shots I took few minutes ago. Utterly useless.

Exam dates are the ones in black. Just so you know.

Kitchen view. I love staring at these skies at night, they are just so vast and it made me feel small and powerless.

That butterfly is supposed to "halau lalat". Somehow I don't think the flies are afraid of it, enough.

And lastly my front window view. Nothing interesting this morning. Didn't manage to catch the postman either.

p/s- To contain my longing to family members at home I refuse to reply my sisters SMS last week. So sorry deqya! I'm hanging in alrite, just missing everyone like crazy, and please pray for my success in exams. Hope you are doing fine with baby :)