20 November 2009

yellowish tag.

Salam everyone,

I am in a good mood today, because my Math Lecture got cancelled and therefore I could wake up late.teehee.

I was browsing the net like always, checking up my emails, Facebook, watering my corns in Barn Buddy ( omg, that thing is really addictive guys! Don't play it or else you'll end up worrying your plants getting stole instead of doing your homework. read : me )

I was supposed to do my homework and go buy some groceries today, but the cosiness of my sweet little home made me forget of the outside world.

Anyhow, I stumbled upon lots of interesting blogs today. Here is one that I like to point out. She did a Tag on hers and I decided to do one myself.

Its all about the colour yellow. You are supposed to search through your place of 7 things of the colour yellow or at least associated with yellow. I managed to do well I think, despite my dislikeness to that particular colour. So, here goes ;

This is a baby powder I bought a while ago because the one from Johnson&Johnson got lost. But as you can see at the back I got a new one specially bought by TJ when he was in Msia. So i don't really use this one nowadays.

A set of Alkaline Batteries from IKEA. They look plastics don't they? Huhu.

Two books from my collection. The one behind is just a simple German Dictionary and the one in front is a novel.

Yellow T-Shirt from Castro in Köln.

Measuring Tape for sewing hobby.

Biscuits for hungry times between Lecture.

Two colour pens for scribbling around my notes. Absolutely love them!

That's my share of yellow. How about yours?
That is for now. Going to continue ( watching Emma in Youtube ) doing my homework.

10 November 2009


This is so cute. Found it here.

01 November 2009

Fall 2009


Hey. Yeah I know the title sounds odd. And formal. But whatever.
Its been ages since my last post, ( but if you were sensitive enough you would noticed that I did publish something last week but ended deleting it due to some reasons. ) the reason for my MIA was the weather. Its Autumn now and I don't really like it. NO. I really do not like it. Its all foggy and cold. Who likes that?

Besides, I've been too occupied with all sort of stuff even my head starts to crack. I'm feeling feverish all the time and my room is a total mess. I did cleaned it up a bit last weekend and hoped that it will stay clean. Maybe I should stop hoping.

I can't concentrate much in class. That's my biggest problem is now. The fact that I'm in Germany and the lecturers know nothing of Bahasa Melayu are the reasons why I should pay more attention to the blackboards ( yes we use the old-school green blackboards here, with colourful chalks and stuff. Why did Malaysians ever change to whiteboards anyway? Now that strange. ) Sometimes it's just so hard to focus when you are craving for Nasi Lemak and Hot Milo.

Actually I'm not that much of a busy person. I'm just a big fan of Sloth right now. You know the one that likes to do things slowly, like really really slowly and likes to sleep on a tree 16 Hours per day. Yes, that's the one. They seems cute to me and I decided to try mimicking their lifestyle for the meanwhile. So far so good.

This post is also intended to my family down there in Batu Pahat and Ampang. They've tried to reach me regarding my flight this December. Oh, I forgot to tell you guys. I've booked a plane, no a seat on a MAS aeroplane on the 9th Dec 2009 and will be coming back here on New Year's Eve.
For fellow Ex-Kölners, (Ausmat Batch 4, kawan kawan sedar diri masing-masing. Cool kan name Ex-Kölners :D ) who's going back too? ( By the way, siapa dapat beat aku ponteng kelas 8 hari straight? Lester? haha )

So, Deqya stop worrying and start waiting for your sweet precious little sister to arrive. Siapa jemput nanti eh?

Just to let you guys know, she's my second sister and she's getting married this Winter (cewah Winter padahal duduk Malaysia Summer all year round.) And I am truly happy for her. Can't wait to see your name as PUAN AZRIA. HAHA.

okay she's not the one who's getting married. she just going to be the flower girl.

p/s - New Moon 22 Nov.Tak sabar tak sabar tak sabar tak sabah tak sabah tak sabah.
p/p/s - Programming susah weh!
p/p/p/s - Besok ade Physik Lab. Siape nak tolong ganti?

15 October 2009

itchy scratchy

finally, i'm 20.

14 September 2009

really really really really cannot wait!

* sebab ruang terhad, click full view ye :D

08 September 2009


Salam everyone.
Dah lama tak tulis blog,sebab tibe-tibe rasa blog sendiri menyusahkan. Lagi best bile tengok blog orang lain. Tak pun tengok blogshop. Semuanya ade RAMADHAN SALE. Tudung pashmina lah, colourful cardigan lah, cute tunics lah. Sakit mata dah hari-hari tenung computer, window shopping kat worlds of online shopping. Sebab geram sangat beli jugak lah satu beg. Satu je. Serius satu. Dari Perancis lagi. Kalau sampai minggu depan baru post gambar kat sini.

Duduk BINGEN seronok. Tiap hari buka puasa makan hebat. Kelmarin masak meehun sup. Nasib baik ada sup bunjut, kalau tak, tak tahu lah rasa apa. Pastu dalam hati rindu nya sangat sangat kat Soto ayam mak. Aduhai. Semalam house warming, masak bertungkus-lumus sebab jemput senior-senior makan. Sebagai tanda terima kasih tolong kami masuk rumah :D

Tak payah lah cerita pasal rumah baru, nanti takut orang kata berlagak sebab rumah luas. Tapi memang luas, kadang-kadang rasa malas nak ambil air minum kat dapur. Kene jalan tu memang malas. Lagi-lagi kalau dah baring atas katil dengan bantal baru IKEA. Hehe. Tapi kawan-kawan
kalau nak datang sila lah. Boleh buka puasa sama-sama dengan kami. Ambil bas no 2 dari Bingen Hauptbahnhof sampai Haltestelle Fachhochschule. Sebelum datang call ye.

Lepas Tarawikh tadi layan tengok Pencarian Gadis Melayu sambil makan kek batik frozen. Semua orang tak puas hati kenapa gadis melayu kene pandai menyanyi, berlakon atau mengacara. Tak puas hati weh. Tapi takpe lah, kalau Kak Qilah masuk saya tetap sokong 200%. Mesti menang punye. Nanti orang rumah bawah depan tangga mesti bangga. Haha.

Nasi Goreng Paprika. Lauk berbuka 27Ogos lepas. Masak sendiri sebab segan dah asyik tumpang makan rumah orang.
Minum air ACTIVE tu mesti teringat TJ. Rindu rindu.

* Bila nak buat VISA ni? Malas nak bangun pagi.
* Tadi tulis ucapan raya kat poskad untuk mak abah kat Batu Pahat. Rasa sayu pertama kali beraya jauh dari keluarga :(
* 122 maksud nya pukul 1:22 pagi waktu Bingen. Baru habis sahur Cookie Crisp. Lepas ni nak tido. Goodnite people.

10 August 2009


i have finished :
  • my damn-this-is-so boring practical training.
  • packing half of my stuff and even brought them to Bingen.
  • reading the 756 pages Breaking Dawn.
  • deciding whether i'm going back this Aidilfitri. And the answer is, devastatingly not.
its half past twelve.i just felt like blogging but i seriously does not have any idea what to babble about.but here's something.

i went to a bbq gathering in Bingen with Kesten on sunday, crash one of the senior place and come back to Cologne monday afternoon. the food were really good and we played a few games until almost midnight. i even had jaw ache due to excessive laughing. hahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahaha

one more thing to add, most of the seniors already owned a SLR camera, which i really wanted since a long time ago. that fact made me extremely eager to buy one for myself. my biggest setback now is my financial condition. (stop saying i have more money because i'm a TM scholar, ever heard of saving for the future? *_* )

actually i was also really hoping to have a peek at my new place but the landlord wasn't around.
right now i have to go get ready because there's another bbq in Gelsenkirchen. See you guys next time then ;)

i took this from FB.pardon the blurriness.

23 July 2009

02 July 2009

tag from kak mynn

1. Besides your lips , where is the favorite spot to get kissed?
on my heart

2. How did you feel when you woke up this morning?
just another day at work :(

3. Who was the last person / people you took a photo with?
classmates at ebertplatz

4. Would you consider yourself spoiled?
marginally, by friends

6. Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?
i guees so

7. Do you want someone to be dead?
i used to. not anymore.

8. What does your last text message say ?
Ok.. Bdk2 ni nk stdy kt cni plak.. Sori.. Bye

9. What are you thinking right now ?
what tomorrow lies for for me and him

10. Do you want someone to be with you right now ?
yes please

11. What was the time you went to bed last night ?
before midnight

12. Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now ?
cant remember

13. Is someone on your mind right now ?

14. Who was the last person who text you ?

saya malas nak tag orang lain,sorry,this was done in a blue mood.

goodnite everyone.



8 malases for each hour at work tomorrow
8 rindus for each time i check on my empty inbox for new message tomorrow
help me!

21 June 2009

engineer in the making

Last week i started my practical training with KVB. Firstly, all three of us ( kesten, muizz and me ) tought that we'll be working with trains or railway or what not because of the obvious reason. KVB is the train company here, macam LRT kat msia tu.

Tapi when we arrived last monday at the work place, its a whole different story.
and i'm not crazy over it.

Kesten and me were sent to Labor Elektrotechnik (LET), whilst
Muizz to Schweisstechnik. And we start working immediately.
Eh, wait. There's the changing-to-uniform part.

Nak nangis den bile dapat tau kene pakai overall. Tak sangke orang jerman ni suke sangat pkai baju baby ni.ish ish. Pastu kene pkai kasut berat 2kg++. Boleh patah kaki den macam ni.

Lepas tu masuk la LET, mule mule kene bace 15 peraturan keselamatan, then jawab soalan. Dalam hati : mak aih bosan aa camni.

Lepas rehat 2kali, baru start working as a pre-electrical technicians.
Buke Komponen, potong Kabel, cucuk sane, cucuk sini, tekan sane, tekan sini, potong Wayar, skru sane, skru sini, ok siap.
Pasang Mentol, tekan suis.

Dengan muke seposen, terpakse lah buke semula dan buat sampai berjaya.
Dalam Hati : menyesal menyesal menyesal, nak balik uma tolong Mak masak lagi senang.

Muizz plak kene bace Notes and lebur kan Metal. Pakai Protection Gear yang XXXXL. German pakai sampai lutut, Muizz pakai sampai lantai. Nak wat ape lagi, terpakse lah redha je.

Tepat 3.20 petang baru boleh balik. Sampai rumah baru terase jari kebas + pedih + bengkak.
Sekarang dah 5hari keje. Balik keje sapu Almond Oil Daily Hand & Nail Cream by Body Shop sebab tak mau tangan kasar.

Aduh, malah nye nak keje esok!

13 June 2009


ok salah,in the previous post :bace eclipse bukan new moon.haha.dont know what got into me.

lari rumah


lisa : ambik wudhu.solat subuh.kejut azwa.
azwa : mamai atas katil sambil pikir kat mane sekarang ni.lepas 10minit baru solat.

lisa : masak lempeng pisang.pelawa semua orang makan.study math.
azwa : mandi.makan frosties.tengok tv.lepas 1jam baru start study.

lisa : wat latihan TZ plak.
azwa : 'malas nye nak study!'.

lisa : potong sayur.masak nasi goreng.
azwa : 'malas'

lisa : jemput semua orang makan.
azwa : new moon lagi.

lisa : study math balik.
azwa : 'ngantuk plak'.study math.tido.

lisa : study.
azwa : solat asar.study math.bace new moon.

lisa : study.
azwa : new moon lagi.

lisa : solat maghrib.bace Quran.
azwa :solat maghrib.Yaasin.solat Hajat.

lisa : study math,lagi.
azwa: new moon, lagi.

lisa : tido
azwa :new moon,lagi dan lagi.

lisa : tido
azwa : tido.mimpi edward terbunuh bella then jacob bunuh die balik.

lisa . affiqah
walaupun ni gambar tahun 2008 tapi lisa nampak muda sbb maen dgn barbie doll :)

dah seminggu saye lari dari rumah kat holweide and menumpang kat bilik lisa in longerich atas alasan nak study untuk exam. tapi half of my time was me busy doing things other then studying zB. makan, new moon, masak, tv, tido.

sekarang exam dah habis.enjoy.
tapi monday kene start praktikum kat KVB :[
lisa plak kene pindah g dortmund ( sorry lisa kiterg xdpt teman lisa kat sane, walaupun lisa start keje pkul 6am,saye yakin lisa bole bangun awal dan bersedia untuk menempuh hari bekerja di kilang ).

ohh,lepas ni semua orang nak masuk FH masing2.ohh,harap2 dapat jumpe lagi.

11 June 2009

cant wait :D

30 May 2009

meine kleine bibliothek

As i wait, i read
  • The Dragonfly Pool by Eva Ibbotson
  • Kafka on the Shore by Murakami
  • The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
  • A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
  • Heartstopper by Joy Fielding
  • Charley's Web by Joy Fielding
  • The Chemistry of Death by Simon Beckett
  • Written in Bone by Simon Beckett
  • The Other Hand by Chris Cleave
  • Brida by Paulo Coelho
  • Careless in Red by Elizabeth George
  • The Alchemist by Michael Scott (my fav so far :))
  • The Bone Garden by Tess Gerritsen
  • New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
(this list starts at the 5th book in the pic above, new moon is with a fren)

not simultaneously of course. 
i dont have any idea what to write actually, but if anybody out there would like to borrow these paperbacks, or even have other books to suggest, i would gladly do an exchange :)

been eye-ing these ones too
  • Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
  • Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
  • The Magician by Michael Scott
  • Mein Kampf by A.H. (i know its illegal to buy it here, but im just curious )
  • Whispers of the Death by Simon Beckett

19 May 2009


i skipped german class today due to unavoidable reason,haha :D
im not proud of it tough

my exams are in 3weeks time and hopefully im prepared enough for it.

im also going to attend my practical training starting on the 15th june with the train company here in cologne,and yes i hope they wont make me scrub the toilets.

i've decided to apply for fh bingen, three of my classmates also did. we went there last weekend to check out the place. im pretty sure i did the right decision. 

rainbow fence:

10 May 2009

happy belated birthday ayin
happy belated birthday deqya

and happy mother's day mak

you mean the world to me

03 May 2009

the half-glorious weekend

hi guys, been a while since my last post,sorry. here's something to tell, about yesterday, the day before and also today.

on friday, zuhaili (he's the classmate ) ask us girls to join them for dinner. we agreed and head up to their place after Maghrib. we cook nasi ayam together and dined while watching triller 'The Call' which has been dubbed to german. how awfully odd is that?

since on saturday a few of my friends from Baden are coming to visit, we decided to go to the 'flohmarkt' in Florastraße to buy some groceries,hehe, who tought only moms can do that :)

i even managed to bought this wonderfully nice vintage ring. tripple cheers for that^_^

we started cooking after Asar and the friends came around half past six. we ate and went out to Neumarkt to show the friends around Köln. The shops were open until 12am which i dont know why. must have something to do with May i guess.
kesten was around so together we headed back home.then suddenly we noticed something.

there was this weird man standing beside kesten, and he kept getting nearer to her. so kesten just walked away. weird enough the man started to stand near to me instead ( i was sitting at that time ) then we decided to walk a bit far. while waiting for the train, we noticed, yet again, that the man was behind us. we walk a few feet away towards the centre of the station just to find out that he was kinda like following us.

then came the train and guess what, the man was also right behind us.maybe u guys are thinking that we were being paranoiac but let me tell u this : i was first to got on the train and kesten was behind me, and the man (behind other people) trying to enter the train using the same door we were, so i walk towards the other end of the train and yet suddenly i saw the man changed his directions and enter the door which was in front of us ~_~

thats when we knew something was wrong.

we turned our back and walked the other way and all i could see was he right on our tail. damn.
we found a seat and glanced our back and there he was standing near the door while licking his upper lip like some maniac!! i've never been so scared my whole life.

as the train was reaching Ebertplatz we decided to get out of the train to make sure he is not following us, but yet we were indeed wrong. when we got out and act like we are chasing the other train (line 15),he started to run too. damn again. we turned left instead and hoped back at the first train we were and slide through until we think we lost him. then we saw him getting in the line 15 train searching for someone. both the train started moving and our heart had slowly stop beating utterly fast.

just when u expect it can't get any worse than this, i noticed that i left my room keys in Longerich. my roomate was so nice she let me sleep in her bed while she slept on the floor.hehe
so i wake up this morning and ring my landlady house to ask her for a spare key. then again i realized that my wardrobe was also locked couse i kept my laptop in it the other day. so i have to go to Longerich as early as 8:30 on sunday morning just to get my keys. it took me exactly two hours before i could finaly lie on my cosy bed >.<

i invited a few ( 9 could be considered as few rite? huhu ) of my friends to lunch today where kesten and i cooked nasi goreng and choco ball. we had to put cili api in the ommelete cause we run out of normal cili, sorry for that guys,haha.

i got my technical drawing test tomorrow and german test the next day, so i ought to be studying right now.

20 April 2009

my time wasted
if only i realize
the sun was setting

the pavement looks fresh
upon me
may the hurdles hurt less
i miss home

18 April 2009

cell phone vs Quran

Ever wonder what would happen if we treated our Quran like we treat our cell phone?
What if we carried it around in our purses or pockets?
What if we flipped through it several time a day?
What if we turned back to go get it if we forgot it?
What if we used it to receive messages from the text?
What if we treated it like we couldn't live without it?
What if we gave it to kids as gifts?
What if we used it when we traveled?
What if we used it in case of emergency?
This is something to make you go....hmm... where is my Quran?
Oh, and one more thing.
Unlike our cell phone, we don't have to worry about our Quran beingdisconnected
Makes you stop and think 'where are my priorities? And no dropped calls!

just something to ponder on to

tag by mirae

1. Apakah benda paling penting dalam hidup kamu?
my family (bende ke?)

2. Apakah benda terakhir yang kamu beli dengan duit sendiri?
Peppermint Cooling Foot Soak :)

3. Di manakah tempat impian perkahwinan kamu?
kat umah with all my family being there

4. Berapa lama hubungan kamu berkekalan?
hubungan ape ni?? ish2

5. Adakah kamu dilamun cinta?
ni apsal jiwang sgt tag ni =.=

6. Di manakah restoran terakhir kamu makan malam?
cesme restaurant in Nürnberg

7. Namakan buku terakhir yang kamu beli
The Chemistry of Death by Simon Beckett

8. Apakah nama penuh kamu?
Azwa Laila Azman

9. Kamu lebih senang dengan mak atau ayah?
due due aa

10. Namakan seseorang yang kamu ingin berjumpa untuk pertama kalinya dalam hidup anda
for now, robert pattinson ( nak tgk die ni tinggi mane,haha )

11. Sebutkan 7 sabahat PALING rapat dengan anda
kene sebut kuat2 ke kene type ni?haha

-asyraf deen
-nadia kepeng (da lame xjumpe dak ni )
( not in any order )

12. Adakah kamu mencuci pakaian kamu sendiri?
half of it, the other half frau dick cuci gune mesin,rajen kn tuan rumah sy ;)

13. Tempat yg paling seronok kamu mahu pergi?
europa park! sala kn acap sbb g tanpe sy :D

14. 5perkara tentang org yang tag kamu
- nice eyes
- orang melaka
- sleepy head kt class dlu, haha, jgn mara mirae
- da ade bf
- kind hearted

15. 8 perkara yang kamu sangat gilai
- my new peppermint foot soak,hehe
- Sara Bareilles
- D60 (bile nak beli ni,,)
- Knock Knock by lenka
- Fisch Stabchen
- lilin wangi
- DKNY Be Delicious Eau De Parfum

16 April 2009

easter trip

2 of my friends and i travelled around the south side of germany in 5 differents places in exactly 7days. we choose to travel by train so that we could enjoy the scenery, but unfortunately i fall asleep most of the time.and for that i had back pain untill now.

we kicked off our journey on thursday morning ( thats the 9th of april ) and arrived in köln just about 2pm today.

i'm still considering whether to write all the details of the trip, couse if i do,it would take all night to type only half of it. so, how about just a few pictures and description? :)
u can view my friendster for more pictures.

1. Frankfurt

we stroll around the city,made new friends, lunch at this nice thailand restaurant ( da lame nye xmkan nasi cmtu ) watch a movie at the cinema and slept at kak anim's place.she's super nice :) thanks hilmi for the movie,thanks umar for showing us around and thanks jafni for,,being there,haha.

at the zoo, badak kat belakang tu nampak menarik sbb tu amek gamba ni,hehe

2. Ulm

this is taken at the metzingen, city of outlet store. just the perfect place for shopaholic out there. its crowded with people hunting for stuffs. i got myself a pair of puma pants for 32euro, its actually agak mahal juge.
ps- thanks to aedams sbb layan kami membeli belah,haha

3. Villingen-Schweningen
    my plan at first was for us to go to the europa park with acap and his friends, but they went early in the morning instead. at that time we were still in our pyjamas. sadly i missed the chance to ride on the new roller coaster! hope there's a next time.
    then we went to the Titisee in the afternoon. grab doner as lunch and stroll around the lake and Scwharzwald. Beli souvenirs for family and friends.
    thanks to tuan rumah for the black pepper chicken :)
    ish2 makan pun comot ;P

lisa dan makcik di tiang

4. München
    we arrived in munich quite late, thanks to farah and faris sbb sudi jemput kami,hehe.the next day we ate brunch before going to the olympia park. it was so windy that day.
    at the park it took us some time to find the sea life and the bmw welt.kaki den mcam nak patah bjalan. ~_~

ni tgh call amsyar xdapat2, thanks to him tough for letting us sleep in his room whilst he went sleeping somewhere else.

lisa yg kebosanan tgk ketapi kecik, dah name tempat ni pun Miniland


meja ni canggih sgt2, touch screen cam dlm cite james bond tu,waa,i'm impressed

the next day, we decided to go to the Neuschwanstein Castle. paid 41euros each for the guided tour.

5. Nürnberg
this place is really confusing me. eventough it had only a few tram lines, its still is complicated. but anyhow, we had lots of fun here. strawberry never tasted so good before,haha. we slept at a senior's house couse they went back to malaysia for a few month. thanks to epi sbb got us the house.the forgetful me left lisa's jacket at the back of the door. sorry lisa :(

all in all, this trip made me realize that each people looks differently at everything, and i mean every single thing. but when u have something in common, cherish it couse it'll bring u closer together

*good luck akram for ur final
*MY FH HUNTING,anyone help me choose would u?
*happy belated birthday, sorry i cant be there to celebrate but u know how much i want to.
*i've been listening to Lenka these past few weeks, its really nice, try and listen to it guys.
*thinking of changing my number to O2, sape nak join angkat tangan! hehe

03 April 2009

translation for umbrella

i was on my way home in the train just now when the man sitting next to me started talking

man : Hello. Where do you come from?
me : Oh, i'm from Malaysia. And you?
man : I tought you are form Nepal. I'm from Pakistan. Are you a Muslim?
me : Yes i am. And you are too?
man : Yes. And how old are you?
me : 20 years old. And you?
man : I'm 32. How long have you been here in Germany?
me : Only 3 Months. I arrived here in January.
man : You are working or studying here?
me : I'm studying in Hansaring. I'll be going to the University this August. How long have you been staying here in Germany?
man : Almost 12 years. I work here and i live in Ehrenfeld.
me : I've heard somewhere that they are building a mosque there. Its going to be the biggest mosque in whole europe right?
man : Yes yes. I think its in Verlör Street.
me : Maybe, i'm not sure myself. Someone told me that.
man : My name is Ahmed by the way ( offering his hand for a handshake )
me : I'm Azwa. ( ignoring the handshake while smiling )


man : Do you want to go out for drinks?
me : Maybe not. I have to go back home now.
man : Next time maybe. U can give me your phone number and i'll call u later

me : No no. Its not that simple.
man : But why not. I'm a muslim too. I dont have any girlfriends and I'm not married. If you dont have time now, we can go out some other day
me : No.
man : Just no? Not even your phone number?
me : No.

------i still feel like hitting his head with my umbrella--------

01 April 2009


i was on my way home in the train just now when the man sitting next to me started talking

man : Halo. Woher kommen Sie?
me : Oh, ich komme aus Malaysia. Und Sie?
man : Ach so. Ich denke dass sie aus Nepal kommen. Ich komme aus Pakistan. Sind sie Moslem?
me : Ja, klar.Und sie auch?
man : Ja . Wie alt sind sie denn?
me : 20 Jahre alt. Und Sie?
man : Ich bin 32 Jahre Alt.Sind sie schon lange hier in Deutschland?
me : Nay, erst drei Monate. Ich bin im Januar hier angekommen.
man : Arbeiten sie denn hier? oder studieren sie?
me : ich studiere noch in Hansaring. Im August werde ich an einer FH anmelden. Wohnen sie schon lange hier?
man : Schon 12 Jahre. Ich arbeite hier. Ich wohne jetzt in Ehrenfeld.
me : ich habe mal gehört, dass es ein Moschee im Bau da gibt. Kennen sie die? Die wird die großte Moschee in ganz Europa.
man : Ja ja,in Verlör Straße vielleicht.
me : Vielleicht, weiß ich nicht genau. Ich habe dass nur mal gehört.
man : Ich bin Ahmed. ( er gibt mir seine Hand )
me : Ich bin Azwa. ( Lächeln, ohne mein Hand züruck zu geben)
man : Hast du Lust zum Trinken vielleicht?
me : Nay, ich muss jetzt nach Hause.
man : Nächsten Mal vielleicht ja. Dann geben sie mir ihre Telefonnummer, und rufe ich Ihnen an.
me : Nein, nein. Das geht doch nicht.
man : Aber warum. Ich bin auch Moslem. ich hab keine Freundin, keine Frau. Wenn sie jetzt keine Zeit haben, am nächsten mal treffen wir uns wieder.
me : Nein.
man : Das geht nicht ja? Telefonnumer auch nicht ?
me : Nein.
------i feel like hitting his head with my umbrella.---------

27 March 2009

vote earth

i've seen this ad quite a few times actually, but not until just now only i have the interest of checking it out ( thanks to rose ). why dont u guys do the same too :) click the ad and the video too


i've had a tough week, physics test was unmotivational, the weather doesnt seem to be merciful on the sick me either, at the end, i spent almost half of my weekdays watching Heroes and i felt pitiful of myself. i should have done something more 'berfaedah' instead. now i'm at a friend's house and planing to help her bake a cake later. at least that's something to be done.


  • digital camera

  • backpack

  • sneakers

  • microwave?!

15 March 2009


Go to your photos folder in your computer. Go to the 6th folder of photos. Go to the 6th picture in that folder. Put the picture on your blog and a description of it. Invite six friends to join the challenge. Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged!

this was at menara TM in bangsar, if i'm not mistaken it was the Jamuan Aidilfitri held by our sponsor. I managed to know few of the ytm-seniors in Taylors but unfortunately i cant really recall their names,haha,sorry for that. The two guys on the right are my own senior in KBU, azizul and haniff. They are now in Hannover, Germany. The lady with the green baju kurung is Puan Rohana, whom i cherish so much because she's the one who deposit monthly allowance to my almost empty accounts,hehe.

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06 March 2009

Newtonsche Gesetzt

We just had three straight days of physics class this past week, and God, how intense that is. we were supposed to have yet another class tomorow morning, but (fortunately :P ) it got cancelled. the last topic that Herr Ali ( he's the physics lecturer ) touched on was the Newton's Law. and it somehow made me remember my good old times in selandar ; i was in 4 and 5 newton, the pure science stream class that is.

Just so that u know, my first high school is
SMK Aminuddin Baki ( that's where i knew the meaning cinta monyet). then i decided to moved away, just anywhere far from home, to test myself actually, whether i'm capable of taking care of myself or not. talk about independent, haha. fews month passed, i came to SBP Integrasi Selandar on 1march 2005, got myself into class that very same day. i was one of the 2nd Intake students, which most of them came from KL or Negeri Sembilan.

First month was tough, eventough i used to stay in hostel in SMKAB, but SBPIS was quite different, far from what i've expected. with the all the rules, cliche and even tradition, it made my head banged.the next months and year were okay, i did a lot of things back then :
  • wearing yellow instead of white : secretary of prefectorial board
  • changing the background of Petronas Board almost every single week : secretary of Petronas House
  • made 130++ colourfull card by myself : someone in the PRS Board
  • ate 3 birthday cakes in a week
  • regularly sending cards to my back-then-bf
  • watch bukit kepong with a bunch of juniors instead of going for Prep Malam
  • gotong-royong every sunday with huge enthusiasm (just like everyone else kan )
  • sneaking in handphone just right before the SPM month
  • tutoring physics for some friends (that was fun :] )
  • cat-fighting in PETIMA *_*
  • almost get caught by the warden and pak guard because of climbing up the tangki ( i didnt do it at all actually, but my friends did, and they were busted ON SPOT!! )
  • merempit for the first (hopefully the last ) time in my life, thanks to nor fadhilah,huhu

i want to do this again and again :)

i just love biology classes, the teacher was nice and the exams weren't that hard for me. when it was SPM, i picked up my bio notes almost every night before sleep. i promised myself that one day i would be a biology teacher, my bestie encouraged me to do so too.but now, i end up in germany going to study Electrical Engineering next august. how ironic is that?

my bestie and me, right after picking up our SPM results
we looked satisfied, didn't we?