20 November 2009

yellowish tag.

Salam everyone,

I am in a good mood today, because my Math Lecture got cancelled and therefore I could wake up late.teehee.

I was browsing the net like always, checking up my emails, Facebook, watering my corns in Barn Buddy ( omg, that thing is really addictive guys! Don't play it or else you'll end up worrying your plants getting stole instead of doing your homework. read : me )

I was supposed to do my homework and go buy some groceries today, but the cosiness of my sweet little home made me forget of the outside world.

Anyhow, I stumbled upon lots of interesting blogs today. Here is one that I like to point out. She did a Tag on hers and I decided to do one myself.

Its all about the colour yellow. You are supposed to search through your place of 7 things of the colour yellow or at least associated with yellow. I managed to do well I think, despite my dislikeness to that particular colour. So, here goes ;

This is a baby powder I bought a while ago because the one from Johnson&Johnson got lost. But as you can see at the back I got a new one specially bought by TJ when he was in Msia. So i don't really use this one nowadays.

A set of Alkaline Batteries from IKEA. They look plastics don't they? Huhu.

Two books from my collection. The one behind is just a simple German Dictionary and the one in front is a novel.

Yellow T-Shirt from Castro in Köln.

Measuring Tape for sewing hobby.

Biscuits for hungry times between Lecture.

Two colour pens for scribbling around my notes. Absolutely love them!

That's my share of yellow. How about yours?
That is for now. Going to continue ( watching Emma in Youtube ) doing my homework.

10 November 2009


This is so cute. Found it here.

01 November 2009

Fall 2009


Hey. Yeah I know the title sounds odd. And formal. But whatever.
Its been ages since my last post, ( but if you were sensitive enough you would noticed that I did publish something last week but ended deleting it due to some reasons. ) the reason for my MIA was the weather. Its Autumn now and I don't really like it. NO. I really do not like it. Its all foggy and cold. Who likes that?

Besides, I've been too occupied with all sort of stuff even my head starts to crack. I'm feeling feverish all the time and my room is a total mess. I did cleaned it up a bit last weekend and hoped that it will stay clean. Maybe I should stop hoping.

I can't concentrate much in class. That's my biggest problem is now. The fact that I'm in Germany and the lecturers know nothing of Bahasa Melayu are the reasons why I should pay more attention to the blackboards ( yes we use the old-school green blackboards here, with colourful chalks and stuff. Why did Malaysians ever change to whiteboards anyway? Now that strange. ) Sometimes it's just so hard to focus when you are craving for Nasi Lemak and Hot Milo.

Actually I'm not that much of a busy person. I'm just a big fan of Sloth right now. You know the one that likes to do things slowly, like really really slowly and likes to sleep on a tree 16 Hours per day. Yes, that's the one. They seems cute to me and I decided to try mimicking their lifestyle for the meanwhile. So far so good.

This post is also intended to my family down there in Batu Pahat and Ampang. They've tried to reach me regarding my flight this December. Oh, I forgot to tell you guys. I've booked a plane, no a seat on a MAS aeroplane on the 9th Dec 2009 and will be coming back here on New Year's Eve.
For fellow Ex-Kölners, (Ausmat Batch 4, kawan kawan sedar diri masing-masing. Cool kan name Ex-Kölners :D ) who's going back too? ( By the way, siapa dapat beat aku ponteng kelas 8 hari straight? Lester? haha )

So, Deqya stop worrying and start waiting for your sweet precious little sister to arrive. Siapa jemput nanti eh?

Just to let you guys know, she's my second sister and she's getting married this Winter (cewah Winter padahal duduk Malaysia Summer all year round.) And I am truly happy for her. Can't wait to see your name as PUAN AZRIA. HAHA.

okay she's not the one who's getting married. she just going to be the flower girl.

p/s - New Moon 22 Nov.Tak sabar tak sabar tak sabar tak sabah tak sabah tak sabah.
p/p/s - Programming susah weh!
p/p/p/s - Besok ade Physik Lab. Siape nak tolong ganti?