01 December 2010


Some people are just plain rude.

Talking trash is soooooo not tolerable.

Stay away!

28 November 2010

103:1 - 3

For all the time that we have lost,

Did you ever give back to the one you cherish?
or did you always lose faith?
And did you ever say love to the one you care?
or did you always fell heavy when saying?

People who say that yesterday was yesterday,
and today is today,
they have drown.

But because He is Timeless.
And just because,
should we all be in the Exception.
Rather than be in the Deception.

02 November 2010

in me
wants to wear this

and this

and read this

in Kilver Court Gardens, Somerset

videowhile holding to pink peonies on the side

what a dream...
*dreamer font from
wants to wear this

and this

and read this

in Kilver Court Gardens, Somerset

videowhile holding to pink peonies on the side

what a dream...
*dreamer font from

29 October 2010


Too many things to do
Too many stuff to think about
Too many people to miss
and too many heartburn to handle.

Stop and say


and pray.

09 September 2010


dearest family, sorry for being away, but hopefully all be well next time. much love.

27 July 2010

Level Zero

Peace upon my readers,
I just did an all-nighter, but without the studying part. I know, its lame. I've set my mind to finish up two chapter ( at least ) for last night but all I could managed was like 10 pages? I will be in a really big trouble if I keep doing this. Exams Baby! How could you not feeling it!

I just could not contain my jealousy of others. By which I mean of their holidays. Almost all of my friends are out and about ( in Malaysia ) enjoying summer breeze whilst I'm stuck at home with notes and books and to-be-done-exercise and other explicitly boring but yet importantly educational stuff.

Here's my exam schedule and a few random shots I took few minutes ago. Utterly useless.

Exam dates are the ones in black. Just so you know.

Kitchen view. I love staring at these skies at night, they are just so vast and it made me feel small and powerless.

That butterfly is supposed to "halau lalat". Somehow I don't think the flies are afraid of it, enough.

And lastly my front window view. Nothing interesting this morning. Didn't manage to catch the postman either.

p/s- To contain my longing to family members at home I refuse to reply my sisters SMS last week. So sorry deqya! I'm hanging in alrite, just missing everyone like crazy, and please pray for my success in exams. Hope you are doing fine with baby :)

11 June 2010

Tequila Shot

Hi guys,

Summer's here. Even tough my day is all sunny and breezy, my night, not so much. It has been raining heavily these couple nights. With thunderstorms even. They send chills to my bone.
Did not get to enjoy the cool summer night under the moonlight any more :(

I'm going to write an exam this coming Monday.Please pray for me, would you?

One thing I've noticed, is that lots of people have a blog nowadays. Be it a 3rd Former, a housewife, a company manager, even one of my teacher have one too. Amazing, no? Annnddddddd, everyone has started selling stuff too! Clothes, Books, Gadget you name it.
I just want to point out that some of the (I might say) young bloggers are a bit careless on security. I mean, they just post all of their personal information online. They may not be aware but there are a lot dangerous people in the online community these days. I used to be that naive but as the time goes, you'll learn.
Also, to the mom blogger out there, please be careful of posting your photos and info. You may think that you have done nothing wrong, "it's just a nice picture of my family, and besides I know how to take care of myself." But its about the kids I'm worrying about. You will never
know if there 's a man, who happens to befriend your kid and do harmful things to he/she. Just a friendly reminder.

I do love blogs that post amazing picture and craft tutorial tough. And a whole bunch of others too.

Last but not least, something interesting :

via JellyWoo originally from Patrick M.


06 May 2010

of being in love

Salam peeeoopleee,

Howdy? Just a quick update of things that makes my heart go crazy :

How are those eyes could not melt your heart, so cute yet kind of naive and whimsical. To me at least.
I am so going to order some prints and make myself a new baju kurung!

One word : Love
Seen on B from Gossip Girl, From MW

I love you all, Happy Birthdays Amin, Ayin and Deqya.

13 April 2010

Random Ramble

Long time no see eh. I know I know. Blogging does not seem fun any more. Or at least to me. My life is as usual : Classes, Lab, Homework, bla, bla. I'm just waiting for Sun to come more. It has been extremely shy these past few days and the April rain just keep pouring down. Honestly, I do have a lot of stuff to do, and I even does it more than I supposed to. I eat more, sleep more, read ( non related to electrics books) more, travel more and much much more.
I'm thinking of sending some birthday gifts back home. I missed all my sisters' last year, so I ought to do it these year. (So Deqya and Ayin, I know you guys are reading this, let me know if you have anything in mind, I'll try my best to get it. ) I just heard from Abah that everyone is moving out right now, someone's in Terengganu, the other in Sarawak and the other one just staying put in Batu Pahat instead of sailing away as he is supposed to. I actually like the idea of he sailing away, he ought to get out and see the world a bit more. And I surely hope it did him good. Insyaallah.

I miss Mak a lot these days. Keep dreaming of her. Knowing myself, a simple phone call is ain't going to do nothing. I also miss my little niece. Very much actually. I keep hoping that she won't forget my face because kids grow up quite fast and she might grow me out of her life.

Just a random picture to make the post longer :

Oh before I forgot, my bestfriend of all time gave me something. Thanks Eda. Me likey :)

I'm supposed to say 7 things bout me. Here goes ;
  1. I live in the attic. It spacious enough but not suitable for tall people.
  2. TJ gave me a planner, because I wanted it with hope that my life would more manageable with it. Let's just see how that turn out.
  3. I used to wondered whether I made the right decision of coming here and choosing to be an engineer, because hell it does not seemed so. But I do trust in fate. Insyaallah everything is going to okay.
  4. I just realised this now : How annoying is that red line that came under a word when I spelled it wrong. So every time made a mistake I have to correct it. Mind you, I made a loottt of mistakes.
  5. My sewing machine is kaput. Pity me. So is my deep fryer and my toilet flush and my alarm clock and everything else. BLEGH!
  6. I seriously does not know what else to write, because I think seven is a lot, and that is why I think I am going hate number seven after this. So there's something. I hate number seven.
  7. Hmm, I like number eight though.

Tata guys!

30 March 2010

As happens sometimes, a moment settled and hovered and remained for much more than a moment. And sound stopped and movement stopped for much, much more than a moment. And the moment was gone.

06 March 2010

Can't think of any title.

Hi.I'm back again. My life is great. Everything is fine. Alhamdullilah.

Right now I am in a state where I just realize a whole bunch of things around me. I see that there is more to people than just their faces, or their clothes. Its like the world is now a completely different place than 12 month ago. Back in the days, I was so naive and self-centred and perhaps a little bit of a yenta. I have a rough time being with people, because I was so eager to explore the new world and I forgot what really matters.

I used to dream big. Since I got the offer to come here, I started making plans for the future. I was excited and so ready to do it all. Then, when I did came here, my perspectives changes bit by bit. I was thinking the other day, that what happens next? You know, many of us have a goal in life like get a Degree, or get married or something.For example, I always wanted to be a teacher and and I know Insyaallah I will be one day. But it just struck me that, what happens after that? It occur to me that people can't live forever and the world as we know it is not eternity. We should be more sensitive and hold on to our Faith because that is the most important thing ever. We can enjoy the hell we want today, but just remember where we stand.

Give back to others and spread the love.

I'm starting to sound weird right? Haha. This is so random. Blah.

p/s- Those application pillow hit or happy gift and whatnots on facebook annoys me terribly. Sorry but stop it already!

07 February 2010


Salam people,

Long time no see, kan? I've been away, but here's a quick update. My exams are in two weeks!
Here's the details:
  • 22Feb Maths
  • 1March Electrics
  • 8March Physics
  • 15March Programming
I'm just posting this so that you guys can pray for me and wish me luck. I really need those. Seriously. Tata.

Secret heart

Secret heart
What are you made of
What are you so afraid of
Could it be
Three simple words
Or the fear of being overheard
What's wrong

Let em' in on your secret heart

Secret Heart
Why so mysterious
Why so sacred
Why so serious
Maybe you're
Just acting tough
Maybe you're just not man enough
What's wrong

Let em' in on your secret heart

This very secret
That you're trying to conceal
Is the very same one
That You're dying to reveal
Go tell him how you feel

Secret heart come out and share it
This loneliness, few can bear it
Could it have something to do with
Admitting that you just can't go through it alone?

Let em' in on your secret heart

This very secret
That you're trying to conceal
Is the very same one
That you're dying to reveal
Go tell him how you feel
This very secret heart

Go out and share it
This very secret heart

10 January 2010



Have many things on my mind. The only word that could justify it all (actually half ) in one go.

Thinking of eating bubur chacha tomorrow. Miss my niece. Hope to get good marks for upcoming exam despite marginal revision. Must remember Allah Almighty always.

05 January 2010

my white winter

Salam people,

Life can be full of shit sometime. At least mine is, today.

I just got back from Negaraku Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku on last friday, from the breezy dry air of Malaysia to all things cold Germany. To be honest, I was extremely eager to get back, because i was already suffocated with the dust and smoke from KL's traffic and I got too many nose bleed due to the hot sun. ( Seriously i am not being a Lupa Daratan. The situation forced me into it )

But now, I wish I could soak all the heat there and bring it here. It's -6°C here man!
To top it off, the heater in my house is functioning half-heartily. By that, I mean only half of it is warm and the other half is just plain cold. Plus, I have no water supply in the toilet. Thank God there's some in the kitchen. My senior suggested that it maybe because the pipe got frozen. By now I am typing with my glove on and blanket wrapped all around me restlessly waiting for the Landlord to come and fix my problem.

On other things, my new year resolution is just another endless list that I keep in my mind. Basically it's just the same like everyone else. So don't bother lah. But still, hope its not to late for wishes :)

HAPPY 2010! May Allah loves us all.

my not-so new-bride-sister and niece
May you lead happy life in Allah's blessing always.

p/s- Congrats to AUSMAT juniors! Welcome to the Land of Refrigerator guys ;)