11 June 2010

Tequila Shot

Hi guys,

Summer's here. Even tough my day is all sunny and breezy, my night, not so much. It has been raining heavily these couple nights. With thunderstorms even. They send chills to my bone.
Did not get to enjoy the cool summer night under the moonlight any more :(

I'm going to write an exam this coming Monday.Please pray for me, would you?

One thing I've noticed, is that lots of people have a blog nowadays. Be it a 3rd Former, a housewife, a company manager, even one of my teacher have one too. Amazing, no? Annnddddddd, everyone has started selling stuff too! Clothes, Books, Gadget you name it.
I just want to point out that some of the (I might say) young bloggers are a bit careless on security. I mean, they just post all of their personal information online. They may not be aware but there are a lot dangerous people in the online community these days. I used to be that naive but as the time goes, you'll learn.
Also, to the mom blogger out there, please be careful of posting your photos and info. You may think that you have done nothing wrong, "it's just a nice picture of my family, and besides I know how to take care of myself." But its about the kids I'm worrying about. You will never
know if there 's a man, who happens to befriend your kid and do harmful things to he/she. Just a friendly reminder.

I do love blogs that post amazing picture and craft tutorial tough. And a whole bunch of others too.

Last but not least, something interesting :

via JellyWoo originally from Patrick M.