28 February 2013

Handmade #2


as long as I can remember i have always like doing crafts. I love the creativity and structure of doing something out of my bare hands. I used to do lots of paper crafts like cards, duty roster and things like that when i was in school. And since i moved to Germany i wanted to try sewing, so i bought myself the most basic and cheapest sewing machine i could find. It costs me 90 Euro. Still a lot of money, but it is the lowest price i could find.

My very fisrt sewing machine. The Singer 8280

After a couple of years with it, i am ready for a change actually. This one is fine for a beginner, but i think there are better machines that is affordable and better suit my needs.

I haven't sew that much actually, just a few bags here and there, a couple of prayer outfit (telekung), and a few skirts and blouse. But i am going to try quilting next. I discovered it a few months back and decided to give it a go. I have bought the fabrics i need, and now I  just to find time to start doing it. Pray for me will you.

Thanks and have a blessed day ahead!

21 February 2013


Salam people,

i hope your day has been good so far. Mine has only actually begun a few hours, and i can tell that it would be a bit monotone today. So i thought i would write something here.

Often times i would be playing back a few scenes in my head about my past. Most of it would be me doing something stupid or embarrassing, because you know, i was a TEENAGER. When i was young and carefree, i think i could do anything i want and would not have to care what other people thinks about me. Sometimes i also did the exact opposite thing, only do what other people think is cool and don't even care what damages it could have done to my iman.

But actually that is where i was wrong, because Allah is always near and dear and in the end i would have to answer for every single thing i did. I pray that God forgives me and never let me be astray again. InsyaAllah.

And just for another point of view on this, you might want to check this out.

May Allah bless.

13 February 2013

Favorites #1


it's been such a long time since i last write here. I've been meaning to but i guess the opportunity just slips away from me. Often, i have lots of ideas in my head of what i want to write about, but then i digress.
Anyhow, i really feel like writing today, so i have chosen to write simpler things.

So i am going to share a couple of my favorite movies. Both of them are about magic tricks, or the story behind the tricks.

First up is The Illusionist.

It has Edward Norton playing a magician in late nineteenth century in Vienna. It is a love story with mystery and a little bit of suspense and history. I really like Jessica Biel's look in it.

Next is The Prestige.


This movie is about the lives of two magician struggling to create a name for themselves. It is also filled with mystery and history. Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman both did a great job portraying their character.

Out of the three magicians i really like Eisenheim. Which one is he you ask? Guess you have to watch to find out :)

27 November 2012



I was browsing the internet and found something and tought i would share it here :)
Siapa tahu jenis- jenis tumbuhan yang ade disebut dalam Al quran?

Found it here.
May Allah bless.

23 November 2012

New Place New Beginnings


i just wanted to update you guys on my life until now. I have already moved away from Bingen to Mannheim because my internship is here. Since the job is going to last till end of March, i decided to relocate.

It is actually already a couple of months of me working here, and i am glad everything is still going good.
The weather now is much colder and every time i'm going out i have to bundle up in jackets and gloves, which is a bit of a hassle but it's all fine.

I am looking forward to the Weihnachtsmarkt, which is a kind of basaar before Christmas. Much similar to Basaar Ramadhan we have in Malaysia every year. Since i didn't have the chance to go to the one on Jalan Tar whilst being here, this one will do.

On another note, i still have to write two exams, and one is coming next month on the 17th. InsyaAllah.

Please keep me in your prayer and also all the muslims in the world. May Allah grant us protection from those who wishes to harm Islam and the people following the ways of Rasulullah. Amin.

22 July 2012

Ramadhan 1433

Salam semua,

Alhamdulillah syukur dapat bertemu Ramadhan sekali lagi. This time i would really like to finish reading the Quran in time. Last year was a fail, but insyaAllah i will try my best this year. Doakan ye!

I didn't feel so good early this morning, and decided not to study yet. Than i had an idea to do something. It's a booklet of zikir for Tarawih. I already have the PDF downloaded from somewhere (Here's a link) but it is for 20 rakaat and usually we only do 8 here together with some friends. So I work on it a bit, and this is the result.

You can download and print it out as Booklet. Then fold the papers in half, and staple it in the middle. InsyaAllah

26 June 2012

Cinnamon Rolls


ich habe einige Zimtschnecken gebacken.

Die Arbeitsplatz

Zimtschnecken im Backofen

Und es hat uns sehr gut geschmeckt! Norlisa, Aisya und ich beten Maghrib zusammen und danach haben wir die Zimtschnecken gegönnt. Die waren frisch auf der Backofen, und das Zimtaroma war überall in meinem Haus. Einfach toll muss ich sagen!

Die fertige 'Cinnamon Rolls' . Sieht komisch aus aber trotzdem, lecker!

Freue mich schon für die nächsten Mal!

Das Rezept befindet sich hier.

09 June 2012


Salam semua,

sorry sebab dah private semula blog ni, easier to manage i guess.

Just a quick update actually, nak cerita yang saya baru habis jahit my first piece of clothing. Alhamdulillah, gembira sangat. Jahit Tunika 121 from Burdastyle.de.

Arahan dalam jerman

Model wearing the 121 tunic

Dapat download pattern free few month back, baru dapat cari masa nak jahit. Gaya arahan macam senang je, tapi susah jugak nak buat. And terjahit saiz yang besar. Memang sengaja pilih one size bigger, tak sangka besar sangat pulak. And saya ubah sikit lengan, buat full bell sleeve.

InsyaAllah ahad nak pergi Stoffemarkt Holland. Boleh beli kain lagi. (Walaupun kain dari malaysia tak habis lagi, nak jugak beli, tak kire)

15 May 2012



Sunnah adalah sesuatu yang dinisbahkan kepada Nabi sama ada perkataan, perbuatan, pengakuan, sifat zahir atau akhlaq Nabi.

Contoh perkataan : Nabi sebut tentang kewajipan solat. Jadi solat itu sunnah, tapi tuntutannya wajib. Akhlaq : apa yang Nabi buat, dan apa yang Nabi tinggalkan. Haji, zakat, puasa semua itu sunnah, tapi tuntutannya wajib. Nabi senyum, itu sunnah, tapi tuntutannya sunat.

Dan sunnah itu tidak akan pernah lari dari 5 hukum iaitu sunat, wajib, harus, haram, makruh.

Tapi dalam ejaan arab, sunnah dan sunat itu sama ejaannya.


Ambil dari kawan, saje nak kongsi dengan semua. InsyaAllah :)