28 February 2013

Handmade #2


as long as I can remember i have always like doing crafts. I love the creativity and structure of doing something out of my bare hands. I used to do lots of paper crafts like cards, duty roster and things like that when i was in school. And since i moved to Germany i wanted to try sewing, so i bought myself the most basic and cheapest sewing machine i could find. It costs me 90 Euro. Still a lot of money, but it is the lowest price i could find.

My very fisrt sewing machine. The Singer 8280

After a couple of years with it, i am ready for a change actually. This one is fine for a beginner, but i think there are better machines that is affordable and better suit my needs.

I haven't sew that much actually, just a few bags here and there, a couple of prayer outfit (telekung), and a few skirts and blouse. But i am going to try quilting next. I discovered it a few months back and decided to give it a go. I have bought the fabrics i need, and now I  just to find time to start doing it. Pray for me will you.

Thanks and have a blessed day ahead!

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