13 February 2013

Favorites #1


it's been such a long time since i last write here. I've been meaning to but i guess the opportunity just slips away from me. Often, i have lots of ideas in my head of what i want to write about, but then i digress.
Anyhow, i really feel like writing today, so i have chosen to write simpler things.

So i am going to share a couple of my favorite movies. Both of them are about magic tricks, or the story behind the tricks.

First up is The Illusionist.

It has Edward Norton playing a magician in late nineteenth century in Vienna. It is a love story with mystery and a little bit of suspense and history. I really like Jessica Biel's look in it.

Next is The Prestige.


This movie is about the lives of two magician struggling to create a name for themselves. It is also filled with mystery and history. Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman both did a great job portraying their character.

Out of the three magicians i really like Eisenheim. Which one is he you ask? Guess you have to watch to find out :)

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