21 February 2013


Salam people,

i hope your day has been good so far. Mine has only actually begun a few hours, and i can tell that it would be a bit monotone today. So i thought i would write something here.

Often times i would be playing back a few scenes in my head about my past. Most of it would be me doing something stupid or embarrassing, because you know, i was a TEENAGER. When i was young and carefree, i think i could do anything i want and would not have to care what other people thinks about me. Sometimes i also did the exact opposite thing, only do what other people think is cool and don't even care what damages it could have done to my iman.

But actually that is where i was wrong, because Allah is always near and dear and in the end i would have to answer for every single thing i did. I pray that God forgives me and never let me be astray again. InsyaAllah.

And just for another point of view on this, you might want to check this out.

May Allah bless.

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