03 April 2011


Private! Next week Insyaallah.
Sorry peeps, but send me your email if you would still like to read this little blog of mine <3

23 March 2011


Took some pictures a couple of nights ago. Supermoon. But mine is not so super. Hope you like it tough. Enjoy :)

21 March 2011

Life as it is

Salam semua,

I feel like writing again, such a surprise eh?

I've been thinking a lot about my life lately. Was it the same like two years ago? two month ago? or even two nights ago? How about you guys? Are yours the same?

I have been very lucky almost all of my life. I've gotten much of the things that I want, and more than I could imagine actually. The saddest part in my life was when my father was in the Hospital. It broke my heart when I heard the news. I could not fathom that the one person I love most was sick. Fortunately, God was kind and He let me have him for a little longer. Alhamdullilah, abah is still with till now. For that, for my life now and lots of other things I am very much grateful and thankful.

Allah has always been there for me, but I wasn't. I was so arrogant and senseless. I did what I want and ignored the main thing what a person's life should be! That is be humble to the Creator and fight for His Jannah, to be with Him when the time comes. Insyaallah I am trying now.

Onto lighter (worldly) things, my schedule are pretty tight this semester. With 10 Subjects and all, its quite hard to juggle. But Insyaallah everything will be fine. I have a good feeling about my path and I am confident that God is with me. As always.

And guys, please be safe and happy! Have a nice day ahead!

15 March 2011

Tsunami in Japan

Salam people,
I know the news is not really new anymore, but still, I think I would like to share some of my toughts on this matter.

Okay first up is about this joke.
google image

A lot of people were mad at their action, and I am too. It is so insensitive for an acclaimed newspaper company/website in Malaysia to produce such cartoon. It's like what a 2 year old would do. Doodling away without thinking the effect it gave to other. People die because of the Tsunami, and its not something you make fun of. Even tough you apologized.

Next is relief fun and donation. A lot of the fake ones are already starting to pop out. Please be careful when doing it online or even in life. Its such a shame that some people would rather take advantage on other's lost, but us the fortunate one, be humble and donate to others through reliable sources. Don't be miserly and arrogant. Allah will not forgive such soul.

Just now I was on the bus when I overheard the driver and one of the passenger was talking about Politics and Japan. I am in no intention to eavesdrop or anything, I just thought it was interesting to hear what other people are saying about this matter. I didn't quite catch what the main point were, but I did hear they say about the Prime Minister and and radiation damage control. And back home I searched about the news and was really confused. But I am still impressed that some of the government officers in Japan are willing to inspect the affected area which can be really dangerous, rather than running away like some other people would do. You can read here and here for some info and decide for your self.

And some more of my opinion, a few muslims are saying that the catastrophic events that that happened in the lately has all been written down in the Quran. I am no expert but I just don't think it is in our power or even mental capability to say such things. The Quran is divine and no man can translate it without consent from Allah. So for us simple human to say such big words might be wrong and we might be accused of misleading. A friend of mine once explained that Fate belongs to Allah, and we human can only interpret it the way we understand things. So don't rush and say mine for the things that is not yours.

Thats my two cent. Insyaallah.

14 March 2011

Kembali ke Sekolah!

I'm such a loser kan? Dah pinky promise pun tak update jugak. Sorry semua, time is running away from me!

Okay, sekarang sepatutnye cerita pasal Trip to Spain but saya rasa nak hold on dulu sebab nanti geng Wihdah akan Buat blog post kat Blog. So nanti saya letak link ye.

Tapi all in all nak cakap jugak my toughts about this trip. For me it wasn't just a simple sightseeing trip,instead it was really personal and deep. I learn a lot of new things, about the places I went to, the people that were there before and also about myself. I have always had questions in my mind but I choose to ignore most part of it and try my best to find the answers on my own. So when I was stuck, I just decided to forget it and move on.

Yes. That was what I always do. Moving on without finding the answer.

Its not the best way but it did get me places. But then, last weekend I started to wonder,Where do I stand in this world? Am I really doing the right thing that I'm supposed to do? I was born a Muslim, and I am for ever grateful for that. But deep inside I know that I am not a good muslim. I've done lots of mistakes and I choose to ignore those in the past. Not anymore Insyaallah. I'm trying my best to mend my life.Bit by Bit. Insyaallah

Dear Allah, help me in my path as you have help me before. Protect my family and give them comfort as they have given me before. Thanks you for you blessing and support and please keep me in your Nur.

01 March 2011

The sleep expert

Salam semua, I wanted to blog earlier today but got caught up in a meeting and now I'm so tired I could sleep as fast as Nobita! Pinky promise I'll write again tomorrow night. Cüss and Good night!

p/s- Hi Beah! A ah lame gileeeee tak jumpe. Insyaallah balik Ramadhan nanti, boleh la Beah belanje buke puase :D

28 February 2011

Bye Bye Februar!

Hallo Leute!
Salam semua :)

Lame gile dah tak tulis blog. Tak tau lah ape nak jadi kan. Hehe. Sebenarnye banyak je idea nak tulis but then I was so hectic and I just decided not to write anymore. Satu bulan ni ade exam, and Alhamdullilah baru je habis last paper tadi. Tapi kan kan, susah lah exam tadi! Sob sob.

Sekarang dah start panas, I mean suhu. Kelmarin turun salji, but today sunny as a bunny! Tak sabar nak tunggu cuti Summer and flying back HOME! Hanya Allah je yang tahu perasaan saya sekarang ni. Kadang-kadang mimpi sampai nangis sebab tak mampu lawan lagi dah. Tak sabar nak pegang anak buah baru.
Asyik sedih je lah bulan ni. Aritu Maulidur Rasul pun sedih jugak, sebab boleh terlupe! Rasa bersalah sangat, and also sedih sebab kat sini takde pun sambutan Maulidur Rasul. Kalau dulu ade Sambutan kat sekolah, ade ceramah pertandingan nasyid sume. Sekarang kene jage diri sendiri, buat ape pun kene ingat diri tu siape. Hamba Allah, umat Rasulullah.

Insyaallah sentiase ingat!

Sekarang banyak bende kene buat. Rumah dah macam tongkang pecah. Kemas dulu sikit-sikit. Baju kene basuh. Pastu kene start my craft project for Jaulah Andalus! Excited! Then kene settle untuk next sem. Then beli barang dapur. Pastu beli barang untuk school pulak. Pastu... pastu ... Lagi 2 weeks untuk buat semua ni but tolak 5 Days because I'm flying out to Spain! Pergi dengan geng Wihdah. Tak sabarnye.

Nanti saya update lagi Insyaallah.

30 January 2011


I have never been a person who is close to my family members. I love them truly, but it is just the way I am. I'm much to myself and even now, when I am missing them really really badly, I prefer to be away from them, so that I know that I can handle myself.

My exams are starting next week. And I know I need to focus, but what I can do when every night I end up dreaming about them and waking up with tears down my cheeks? Its not nightmares, far away from that, instead I dreamt spending time with them like I used to. But it still breaks my heart for being away.

I know that a single phone call could do, but I wont. I am stubborn like that. I am independent like that.

Deqya, Ayin, I know you guys are maybe reading this, aku okay je. Cakap kat mak abah aku rindu.

11 January 2011

05 January 2011


I know I'm late, but still. Better late than sorry.

Happy New Year! May the future bring us more humility than ever before.

Well, last year was something. Lots of deep thoughts and spontaneous but rather stupid act. But lets not dwell too much on the past. Take the good ones, improve the bad ones, and fight for the better.

I have a few things on my mind right now, surely every one has at this early times of the year. I just hope it will all roll out fine. Fingers crossed and prayers said.

Also, I'm really sorry for abandoning this blog of mine for quite some time. I'm not such a good blogger am I? I do have my reasons and I hope everyone understood.
I've thinking of directing this blog to another way but have not planned it thoroughly yet. I'll let you know when I did. And if any of you reader found me in FB please let me know so I can accept the friend request. You can never be too careful, can you.

On other stuff, my sweet Sister is now heavily pregnant and due next month! Can you believe that? I really wished I could be at home with family but my exam is coming right at the same time too. Total bummer! Say some prayer for her will you?

That's about it, for right now. Write to you later!