23 November 2012

New Place New Beginnings


i just wanted to update you guys on my life until now. I have already moved away from Bingen to Mannheim because my internship is here. Since the job is going to last till end of March, i decided to relocate.

It is actually already a couple of months of me working here, and i am glad everything is still going good.
The weather now is much colder and every time i'm going out i have to bundle up in jackets and gloves, which is a bit of a hassle but it's all fine.

I am looking forward to the Weihnachtsmarkt, which is a kind of basaar before Christmas. Much similar to Basaar Ramadhan we have in Malaysia every year. Since i didn't have the chance to go to the one on Jalan Tar whilst being here, this one will do.

On another note, i still have to write two exams, and one is coming next month on the 17th. InsyaAllah.

Please keep me in your prayer and also all the muslims in the world. May Allah grant us protection from those who wishes to harm Islam and the people following the ways of Rasulullah. Amin.

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